Azul Properties

Boliqueime , CP 763-Z
Algarve, 8100-081
We are a modern, dynamic Algarve Real Estate agency, comprising a tight knit multi-lingual team managed by a full time, hands-on owner. The market we operate in is competitive, and we have always known that to succeed our team has to be prepared to go the extra mile. How do we make this happen? It’s a combination of a simple strong philosophy and a flat management structure. Put simply we run our business as a business that sells Algarve Real Estate, not a Real Estate agent who runs a business. Our philosophy can be summarised as follows: -By training and encouraging our staff we will create a self-motivated team who will be confident and professional -We must provide back up and support (either using internal knowledge or external experts) to offer a total service to our clients, and reinforce our staff -We prefer to have staff that have an intimate knowledge of a small sector of the market, rather than a general knowledge of the whole market -By working as a team we create an excellent working environment and can give clients a cohesive service Our team has a flat structure-no “Senior Executive Vice Presidents of Sales” here, just people who do exactly what their title suggests. The members of our team have status based on their abilities and knowledge. We ensure they are kept updated, current and licensed in accordance with the laws here. What do we do? Simply, we operate as an Algarve Real Estate broker, bringing together those who have a property to sell with those who want to buy. In practice, our actual role is much greater than this (and much more involved than it traditionally is in many other European countries). When listing a property for sale, we check the status and legality of a property, and advise the owner regarding any problems (and can assist in solving them). We always make recommendations as to the appearance and “kerb appeal” of a property and how best to present it for sale. In certain instances, we can discuss with the owner the best way to sell a property, in order to realise the maximum financial gain. Once you arrive in our office to begin your property search, we can assist you in many ways. We will explain to you, in simple terms, the buying process and associated administration necessary, why certain geographical areas are better than others, the climate, insurance service, furniture supply, medical care requirements etc. In short, you can have information about every part of purchasing a property here, whether it is for a residence, an investment or for holidays. Location and coverage We are based in Loulé, pretty much the centre of the Algarve but have properties for sale from Tavira in to Albufeira, and as far North as the Baixo Alentejo (the rural area to the North of the Algarve). However, we concentrate on the areas of Loulé (and surrounds), Boliqueime, Santa Barbara de Nexe, Sao Bras de Alportel, Vilamoura, Bordeira, Estoi and Santa Catarina. Summary We are here to serve the needs of our clients, and our whole philosophy is based around this ideal. If you require any more information (or conversely if you feel that our service can be improved) please contact Richard Mills by email- [email protected]