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Largo da Estação, 8 - 2º Dtº Cascais PORTUGAL
T CASA | CITY PRESTIGE- Twenty years of experience Boutique Real Estate Agency, with twenty years of experience, specializing in a niche medium-high and high. We cultivate a philosophy of excellence and prestige. We bet on the rigour, quality and ethics and we are proud to offer a differentiated service and complete. We're pioneers in a way of socially conscious, we believe that with our action, we can contribute to the happiness of both the buyers and the sellers and our financial profits are partly aimed at social and humanitarian causes. We have assembled a team of professionals of integrity and with good personal training, moral, ethical and cultural. Our customers can rely on legal assistance (including in the tax area), Office of architecture, interior design, support for construction and remodeling and several other treats with we like to present our customers. Over the years we have built a reputation for well serve that fidelizou our customers bringing their families and friends and that today are part of the "family T CASA", a family of extraordinary people.