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How to find and buy property in the Algarve


By Sun’s Dragon

What’s not to love about living in the Algarve? With over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, over 200 kms of fabulous beaches, 39 golf courses with another one set to open soon, a Michelin starred restaurant which is listed in the world’s top 50 best restaurants and a fabulous climate which is hot in summer and temperate in winter…

Portugal is currently the holder of many 2014 awards and accolades, including ‘Best Place in the World to Retire 2014’ and ‘World’s Best Golfing Destination 2015’. It’s no wonder people are flocking to the Algarve on a permanent basis!

Buying property is about the biggest outlay you’re ever going to make. Mistakes can be expensive and make life a misery, so this is when you have to know exactly what you want for your money. However, you also have to be sure of the location too, to ensure your choice fits not only your pocket but also your lifestyle.

It’s all well and good going on holiday in the Algarve, falling in love with the place and deciding to put down roots there, but then you have to figure out how to go about it. The Algarve is so diverse and there are lots of options of where and how to live, what type of property and how much to spend.

Location, Location

Do you want to invest in a bustling tourist town with a busy nightlife, or would you rather live in a quieter spot, perhaps in a smaller village or up in the hills? Are you planning to work or retire?

The Algarve coastline is full of sun, sea, sand and safety but inland is full of sunshine, security, tranquillity and beauty. You’re never far from a beach or a golf course wherever you choose to live, but then if you prefer a swimming pool and shopping centres, it will impact your decisions.

But wait! You might not be planning to move here permanently. You might only want to spend winters here away from the cold climates of home and possibly cover the cost of your second home by renting it to tourists throughout the summer.

What kind of property?

Are you after a big luxurious 5-bedroom villa with marble floors, swimming pool and all mod-cons to cater to your large family (and the many relatives and friends who are guaranteed to come and visit)? Or would you prefer a small renovated quinta just for you and your significant other?

Do you want an apartment with fabulous views over the beaches and ocean, or would you rather buy a plot of land and build your own house overlooking the Algarve countryside?

To start you on your journey as you search for your new Algarve property , you can download Meravista’s handy buying checklist.

Everyone’s lifestyle is unique

There are many ways to discover more about actually living in the Algarve: the best option of course is to travel to the Algarve and talk to the people who live here, and tour around the region and discover its secrets. But that’s not always possible.

While many websites and social forums can offer information and opinion, Meravista offers you a wealth of information about the region, the towns, the way of life as well as a complete range of articles on how to go about finding and buying your perfect property.

How to find your perfect property in the Algarve

Once you know which area you want to live in, it’s so easy to zoom into the Meravista map and find all the types of property for sale in that area.

You can filter by property type and by price, and view details and compare properties all in one page. With over 21,000 listings to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits!

If you’re a non-EU resident you might wish to take advantage of Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme, which entitles people to residency status in Portugal if they invest over €500k in local property.If you are an EU resident and you’re paying high taxes in your home country, you might be able to take advantage of Portugal’s generous pension tax breaks.

What about the buying process and the costs?

So, once you’ve found your ideal Algarve property, you’re ready to put your money down and need good information from the basic three simple steps to the more intricate legal aspects of buying property in Portugal.

Meravista’s articles cover all this and more, including a pretty in depth Buying Guide which includes the legal aspects.

By using a reputable estate agent and a good lawyer you’ll find the whole process exciting rather than daunting.

Why not take a look and discover a whole new lifestyle, and the easy way to achieve it?  Looking costs nothing but just think what you may find on your ‘travels’ from the comfort of your armchair!



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